The red fox lives along side wolves, coyotes and all the other animals. Serving as a balance in nature to culling out the weak or sick or just larger numbers of all sorts of animals.

myotherside — beautiful-wildlife: Red Deer by An De Wilde

So white.

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Loggerhead hatchlings can emerge from their nests in a variety of different colors. I've seen plenty of black, brown, white and tan hatchlings but this particular turtle was born with a vibrant orange color that I had never seen before. Lucky for me, the sand was soft enough for the turtle to leave its tracks as it hustled to the ocean to make the photos composition more interesting. I was able to capture the moment just before a wave surged in and welcomed the vibrant beauty to the sea.


Las nueces también son semillas ....guárdalas por favor....las vamos a necesitar.

White wolf! Gorgeous!

Вяжем! Творим! Чудим!

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F&O Fabforgottennobility se que esto no es un dibujo, pero me sera o nos sera util para darnos una idea para cuernos

The forest becomes brighter as the canopy falls, the deer more alert as the trees cease to cover them.


Red deer in Richmond Park. Photo: Chris Wildblood

Un lindo chimpancé

"So beautiful"

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