Galactic alignments

Peaceful sailing

Starry Sky On The Road iPhone 6 / 6 Plus wallpaper

Olá gente , tudo bem ? Hoje trouxe para vocês fotos da internet que fazem o tipo Tumblr  ( ah , e já me segue lá : Blog Zebrado ) . É só colocar no Word e no tamanho que quiser , imprimir e co…

The Fatal Gift of Beauty, banshy: The Starry Valley | YFphotography

Double galaxy with a black hole in the center


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, US (by Alexis Coram)

Astrophotographer Jon Secord sent in a photo of the Milky Way taken in Zion National Park on May 19, 2015.

The Milky Way rising over Newfound Gap, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. During a weeklong trip, there were only 2 nights clear enough to get any night sky shots. This was the 2nd of those nights. After a day of temps being in the mid to high 80's near the campground, the misty 63 degrees felt freezing to us and our lenses as they started to fog. Luckily I had a few trusty hand warmers on my camera that kept the fog off long enough to get a handful of shots to bring back home. Not long af...

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This is a pic caught by Hubble. Scientists cant figure out what it is. It looks like The Gateway to Heaven.

Millions of stars erupt in the night sky over Mount Rainier National Park, creating this dazzling pic of the Milky Way and Washington’s iconic mountain. Photo courtesy of Kevin Shearer. — with KDS Photography at Mount Rainier National Park.

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Venus and The Milky Way (at Laperusse Bay, Maui), 2013. Andrea Spallanzani

Milky Way on steroids!

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Want to go stargazing in U.S. national parks? Check out the 10 darkest parks. Be sure to check the night sky when you visit a national park.

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