Baby Moss-Sloth, Handmade Fantasy Creature by Heiditruth

Someday I will own a hedgehog...then life will be complete.

Animal parenthood - could these be any more adorable?!? ❤️

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Cute sloths collection on Behance

Baby sloths that have won over the internet.

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words — but some photos, like these showing a lost sloth being returned to freedom, speak volumes on their own.

Some sloths for you - Imgur

I like all of them except for snake and shark

The cutest sloths in all the land!

Just Baby Animals Being Adorable

Little sloth tries to cross the highway in Ecuador, gets scared, can't move

With their sweet, squishy faces and lazy movements, sloths are one of the most squee-worthy animals on the Internet.

pigs by hadleyland


All baby animals are generally adorable, but some seem to be extra cute — like, for instance, baby monkeys.

Pin trobat a

I think maybe I need a guinea pig...@aubreylay, maybe we both need guinea pigs. And then we can do photo shoots together with our guinea pigs. I think I'll name mine Gwendolyn...

Photographers capture 20 images that show why the internet needs more hamsters.

Random Pictures Of The Day - 39 Pics