idk about inspirational talks. they piss me off. most of them sound pretentious to me. the things they say are easier said than done. however, icecream and music work wonders. i am sure they can cure anything if used together!

chibird: Do not worry little bean, you have grown so much now, and you will grow so much in the future. Keep on being the best bean you can!

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something... - chibird

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You have wonderful things to offer this world. You make people happy. That makes you so, so important.

I find it interesting that it's a sheep. Usually sheep just follow.

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Happy Bubble (no sad things allowed)

:) unless of course you love something that is harmful to yourself or others

Me mudo del mundo !

I bet you never thought you'd have a hedgehog cheering you on, did you? Well, LOOK at you now! Maybe, just *maybe*, all those wonderful things you dream of aren't so farfetched either, eh?

The 30 Day Happiness Challenge #getinfected ☮

Dr. Suess one of my favorite quotes

Tips for interior designers: customer personality inspiration