belaseed: “(via (17) Jennifer Evans Van der Harten est une musicienne néerlandaise (né 1980 à Mijdrecht). Elle est la chanteuse et principale compositrice des chansons … | Pinterest) ”

Tajik girl

✯ Beautiful Lady :: Unknown Photography✯

Little girl with her little guitar (six strings). When I was about this size, I learned to play my Mom's ukulele (4 strings).

More gypsy musicians

Bopa Gypsy, India.

Mikael's Playground : Photo

passion by liamcarroll, street performer in Galway, ireland

The Magnificent Century - Firuze Hatun

Michal Elia Kamal

TÜRKİYE-Light in Babylon, müzik grubu. İlk resmî albümleri olan ‘Life sometimes doesn’t give you space (Yaşam bazen size alan tanımaz) 2012 yılında piyasaya sürüldü.[1] Farklı etnik köken ve kültürlerin birleştiği projede; Michal Elia Kamal (İran kökenli İsrailli) solist ve şarkı sözü yazarı olarak, Julien Demarque (Fransız) gitarist olarak, Mete Çiftçi (Türk) santur çalarak yer aldı


I love everything about this picture.

Is anything more beautiful than a passionate cellist at work?

Start your day with a nice Turkish çay (tea) / by enesbayraktar85 #Demirci #Manisa #Turkey

Michal Elia Kamal

Untitled by Prens Guz on 500px. Hinech Yafa from the band Light in Babylon playing on the streets of Istanbul.


Light in Babylon live music performance on Istikal avenue in Istanbul

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Annora always knew exactly how her life would go. From the moment she was born, her life was set out for her. She obeyed her superiors and advisors, and did her best to behave; all in order to keep peace between the kingdoms. Never did she truly worry about the outcome of a situation until she met Mira, a gypsy woman. She warned Annora about a dangerously false love in the future, but before the young princess could question the gypsy the castle guards seized her. Annora never saw her again.

Michal Elia Kamal