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All smiles

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[dog wearing sunglasses, a denim jacket, & holding a Starbucks cup]

Look at this cute little Frenchie butt.

Smiles sideways. NO DANG IT MOON MOON!!!!!!

Top 5 Family Friendly Dog Breeds, you will love all of these :)

Çocuklar ve hayvanları....

Hangi Köpek Senin Kişiliğini Yansıtıyor?

Trevlig helg! #blommor #helg #blomsterlandet Bild lånad från @eurosaurus


Me when I get cut eating what I shouldnt when Im on a diet. Im still not giving up the donut though! - My Doggy Is Delightful

Happy guy!

Photogenic puppy

Kylo, the Super cute French Bulldog Puppy❤❤❤ @hello_kylo instagram.

They see me Rollin they haten patrol in they try to catch me riding dirty trying to catch me riding dirty


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