Beauty is the opposite of perfection!

..and from the chaos of her #soul there flowed beauty.

You'll never please everybody. So, aim to please yourself. Your beauty will shine through as you grow to value yourself.

Simplify your life...your thoughts and the people that surround you...quality not quantity


Friday Favorites!



pull them into your peace

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Amen! Forgive and move on, you will be happier and the bigger person. Grudges and regret are useless wastes of time and energy.

This is the truth if I cry, and that's rare I ever do cry.


35 Beautiful Inspirational Quotes


Feeling the sea quotes after a week of swimming in crystal clear Mediterranean waters. Nothing quite like swimming in a warm sea :-)

Welcome to Loyal Ninja! Each piece is a tiny treasure made to serve up round house kicks to the face of motivation on the daily. Spice up your

Didi @ Relief Society: Curriculum 2014 - Binder Covers - My portion to you!