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He's so adorable

Eres un adulador! me estoy empezando a creer Miss Universo!! hihhi bueno si lo soy en nuestro universo ♥♥


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I love this! You light up my world you know!

He pressed my face into his chest and held my body tightly to his own. As if afraid to let me go. Afraid I would try to jump in front of the train. But as the metal screeched on itself and the wind ripped at my jacket I knew I wouldn't. I was a coward, unwilling to live but afraid of death.

you dragged me though the streets, gripping my arm tightly with a hint of sadness in your eyes. this is the first of the many events that tore us apart

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Het verschil tussen liefde op het eerste gezicht en groeiende aantrekkingskracht

♡ Ela une todas as coisas. Como eu poderia explicar, um doce mistério de rio com a transparência de um mar? Ela une todas as coisas. Quantos elementos vão lá? Sentimento fundo de água com toda leveza do ar. Ela está em todas as coisas. Até no vazio que me dá, quando vejo a tarde cair e ela não está. Talvez ela saiba de cór, tudo que eu preciso sentir. Pedra preciosa de olhar! Ela só precisa existir para me completar."

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