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i love when a family memeber puts their arms around me and just holds me in there arms. it calms me down when im worked up. it relaxes me when im stressed, i feel safe and i can be so chilled out i can fall a sleep with my head on their chest or in their lap, #miss #want #need

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Don't let them look you on the eyes

Make her feel what she's never felt before.

Cus of this u'd be instantly forgiven if u'd just show up n our lives, if not ours then her life. I wouldn't even bring up an old hurt if u'd just show up. But I kno you won't & I'm in the process of accepting it. I'm n the process of accepting that your going to break your promise, I know u won't keep ur promise to marry me, Ty. But I don't understand why u don't want Brooke n your life, she is ur blood. I will accept n time, but I will not get over it or u. Interfering fans, thanks -Y

Lol one day we will we the couple everyone thinks of when they think of happiness....I'm really really happy you still feel that. We will be the most amazing couple.

YESSS I smile for no reason All the Time *Baby, just a minute I want to do Isha salah..with my aching back..

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Do you?

When I first...

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This is so important. Find a girl who makes you want to do this, otherwise its not real.

THIS is what Barbie would look like in real life. You are already real. You are beautiful.