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Gorgeous horse under an autumn red tree.

Shabby chic horse

Have you ever seen a horse like that ???

So I was watching the commentary for A Knight's Tale last night and Brian Helgelund and Paul Bettany were discussing what British people call horses. To my Briton followers: do you guys really call them jeejees, and am I spelling that correctly?

Eyes of beauty


Do your students love fairy tales? Do your students need reinforcement activities for context clues? This product is a great addition to your Fairy Tale Unit. Students will be challenged to use context clues to guess the fairy tale character. Use these pages as morning work, seat work or as a fun activity at the end of your unit.I hope your students enjoy this Fairy Tale product as much as mine do!Contents include: Included in this packet:--Fairy Tale Friends, Gues...

Grimm's tales

This site with ways to teach fairytales gives me an idea. It would be fun to make the theme for this year's summer camp at school Fairy Tales. I think we could work in lots of different activities to still teach curriculum-related materials.

Autumn Gold, a loving stallion with a loving heart. He has a mare named Autumn Star and they are both very beautiful!

Horse Photo by: Alexandra Evang Photographie

White Andalusian

white horse

Gorgeous Horse horse photography #horses

When a rider gazes into a horses eyes they find a part of themselves thought to never be found-anon

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